Three Way Marriage

Lucy “Pucky” Merrygold

Lucy Merrygold. Married to Aston Merrygold Also married to Carlie Quiluete and K Lautner With Zayn Malik

Carlie “ILSM” Quiluete

Married to the whole wolf pack (excluding Jacob) Also married to Lucy Merrygold and K Lautner

K “TeamTaycob” Black

Married to Jacob Black Also married to Carlie Quiluete and Lucy Merrygold

Three way marriage. Lucy, Carlie and K were a married trio. They lived in a huge house with their husbands and boyfriends.

Friday morning:

Lucy - Jesus Christ Paul stop eating all the waffles!

Paul – I’m hungry

Lucy (sarcastically) – Really? Carlie sort him out!

Carlie – Ugh! Paul stop eating our whole food stock or else

Paul – Fine

K and Jacob enter.

Lucy – Hey guys

K – Hi

Jacob’s head was in the fridge.

Jacob – Where are all the waffles?

Everyone pointed to Paul.

Lucy – You just missed me telling him off

Carlie – Listen if my Pauly wants waffles he can have waffles!

Paul – Thanks babe

Carlie sat on Paul’s lap. Aston walked in.

Lucy – Hiya babe!

Aston – Heya baby

K – I’m off to work bye Jake

Jacob – Bye honey

The two kissed. The rest of the wolf pack shouted “get a room!”

Lucy – I better head off to bye Asty.

Aston – Bye

Lucy – Tell Zayn when he finally wakes up that breakfast is in the fridge

Aston – Ok, love you

Lucy – Love you too

K and Lucy left.

Carlie (playfully) – It’s my day off so I’ll make sure you kids are good

Embry – Oh haha

Jacob punched for fun. Embry stood up and they started play fighting. The rest of them laughed. Zayn walked in.

All – Hey

Zayn – Hi

Aston – Breakfast is in the fridge

Zayn – Kay

He walked over to the fridge. Everyone was still laughing at Jacob and Embry. Jake won.

Paul – Weak man, weak!

Embry – Shut it Paul!

Jacob: Hey you guys jealous cos you all had the same imprint… Carlie

Aston – Imprint?

Zayn – What’s an imprint?

Jacob – Long story but I’ll give you an example, K is my imprint

Aston – Oh, ok

K and Lucy came back from the work singing.

K and Lucy: It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend!!

All: Hi

Lucy – Yo

K – Hey

Jake and K kissed. Lucy hugged Zayn then Aston and kissed him.

Embry – Are we getting this barbeque started then

All: YES!!!

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