The girl pck gifity gid

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The Girl Pack MembersEdit

  • Saturdays
    Lucy (Pucktana88)
  • Courtney (Star9999)
  • Heather (Quam1992)
  • Cora (Cora90) - Left :'(

Our Ship namesEdit

Luracourter - All of us (Lucy/Cora/Courtney/Heather)

Lura - Lucy and Cora (Lucy/Cora)

Ceather - (Courtney/Heather)

Healu - (Heather/Lucy)

Cucy - (Courtney/Lucy)

Courta - (Courtney/Cora)

Girl Pack ImagesEdit

Awesome pictures of Star9999 (Courtney) Quam1992 (Heather) Pucktana88 (Lucy) Cora90 (Cora).

[[Category:Gorgeous <3]]

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