Okay everyone is doing on this on glee wiki so I thought I'd give it a go. If you want to join and you think you might have a storyline for your character to enter the fanfic please note you must consult Pucktana88 first or leave a message --I'M Lucy Sauls [Who the hell are you??] 11:36, July 6, 2011 (UTC).

This is my family, the Goldies

You need to tell me in the comments;




I'm Opal Goldie but I also play my freternal twin Cecilia Goldie and I'm 21.


Dianna Goldie, Morgan and Cecilia's little sis. Aged 18. Jacob Black's Girlfriend.


Tori Goldie, cousin to the above Goldies, Aged 17 and is still at school.


Jess Goldie, cousin to all of the Goldies, aged 16 at school.

Bonkas marshmallow

Isabell Goldie, Jess's mum


Brittany Goldie, Opal, Cecilia and Dianna's cousin Dianna's bff, aged 14


Nikki Goldie, Opal, Cecilia and Dianna's cousin. Britz and Morgan's best friend. 16 years old.


Melissa Goldie, Nikki's little sister, nine years old.

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